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Online Management System is a full OEM compatible automated telephony web management system. This system allows you to pick phone numbers, date/time to activate & deactivate or any setting changes required. This unique Online Management System  allows you to set your own call charge tariff which will reflect on user interface.

Management company interface

Total Statistics Analysis

To check the total monthly cost analysis as well as total service analysis. You can download all traffic charge data in CSV file
Total Monthly Cost Analysis Revenue / Cost / Profit
Total Monthly Service Analysis # of New Orders / # of Cancellations

User Statistics Analysis

To check each user’s statistics. You can search each user profile and check the statistics. You can also download each user’s Call Data Log which is based on call charge tariff you set.
User Statistics Cost Analysis Revenue / Cost / Profit per user / group / timeframe.

Application Management

To apply each service.
Select phone numbers, fill in required information and pick the date of activations.
Every application submitted is in a database where you can seach.

Call Secretary Log

You can see what kind of calls our call center receive and send its content to each user.
All emails are in database which allow you to search.

Tariff Plan Setting

To set your own call charge tariff on all our service

User Management

To change the setting(real time) / deactivate service temporarily / submit cancelation order

Group Management

To put user in group. Some are set per centers or service

End User Interface

Total cost Analysis

Total Call traffic statistics: Call traffic cost, # of calls.
Setting Changes (if authorized by Adin): user can do setting change on browser interface.

Setting Change

End User can change the setting by themselves such as transferred #, Call Display changes, etc