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Network Installation

As we provide telecommunication service we would also want to provide the highest quality of service. To achieve that we will also install Network device and support. We understand what kind of setting required for serviced office, shared office & co-working space. IF you have any specific request, we can give you proposal accordingly.

VLAN / Remote Access to on site device such as printers / Private Separator / Wi-Fi Roaming Setting / Reception System / Reception Phone, we can serve it all.

It’s been a trend lately that we have been deploying full Wi-Fi Centre w/o any physical LAN cable pulled to each desk or room. 3S (Stability, Security, Support) is highest priorities.

We have installed over 100 centers network and supporting all facilities remotely. If necessary, we’ll go onsite to fix the issue in a timely fashion. If you do have a budget, we can fit in your budget. Should you have any questions about shared environment network, please contact us anytime.