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OEM Support Center

This is very unique and special service that only BeQuality provides in an industry. Technically this service was created by our clients. Our clients wish to focus on sales and marketing. This results them to accelerates their growth and its speed of opening up new centers.

We listened and decided to launch “private brand technical support center”. This service took our clients to the new level of customer satisfaction and speed of growth.

Facilities where provide on-demand telecom service as well as network installation, clients can use our special service. Any telecom / network related calls from how to use service, Q&A to trouble shooting, we will take those calls for you. Calls come from potential future user to current users. It does not matter.

How it works is we issue one unique phone number per clients. Our clients will post on their web or introduce it to the end-user as their technical support center number. When we receive calls, we will act as one of your engineers and respond in a professional manner. We will do site-visit if requires.

End user ServicedOffice A
  1. Call serviced office A designated xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx
  2. “Serviced office A, xxx speaking, how may I help you?” Our engineer will answer directly.
  3. If we can’t solve problems by calls, engineer will schedule site visit with end user and visit as serviced office A employees/engineers

It is critical for us to be as flexible as possible to satisfy your end-user. Because our service can satisfy end user which increase growth of our clients. Clients growth is our growth.

To that end it is our obligation to act as professionally as possible to increase your Brand value.

Please focus on what you are great at, and leave the rest to us!