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OEM Cloud PBX service (internet telephony)

We have full lineup service for any users that use serviced office, co-working space, satellite office, share-office and virtual office.
Number selections you can pick from

  • 03(Tokyo)

  • 043(Chiba)

  • 044(Kawasaki)
  • 045(Yokohama)

  • 048(Saitama)

  • 050(domestic optical #)

  • 052(Nagoya)

  • 06(Osaka)

Call Transfer / Outbound Call

When a call is received it gets transferred to a pre-set destination number. User can set its destination number from the pre-registered phone number or user interface. What number is to be displayed when receiving a call can be selected either caller ID or Issued phone number.
User can also make an outbound call displaying issued phone number to the opponent. User put fixed PW from of phone numbers trying to call to. Mostly outbound calls are from mobile phones. What device (phone number) can make outbound calls must be preregistered.

Transfer Call

CloudPBX Caller End user Transfer

User can do by pre-registered outbound call devices or on user Interface. You can pre-set the time to be transferred on User Interface.

Outbound call

Cloud PBX Outbound Caller End user Transfer 0824-403322

Up to 5 phone number can be registered to use its function.

Voice Mail


User can turn on the voicemail. Once voicemail is received, email will be sent to pre-registered mail address.

Internet Fax

This service enables you to send and receive Fax by email.
Our system will issue individual mail address. You attach PDF file to the mail, make email in text format, title will be the opponent fax number. You send this email to individual mail address our system issue. Our server will receive and convert its PDF to Fax. To receive a fax by Interfax is very easy, server receives fax and convert to PDF file and sent to pre-registered address.
For security reasons, outbound or inbound mail address must be registered. Email address can be registered up to 20 email addresses.

End user Send End user Receive

Call secretary Service

CloudPBX Caller Call Center/Secretary Transfer Outbound End user Outbound

Our call center will answer your clients call as professional secretary. We will take who is calling and their message. As soon as calls ends we will send the description by email. If you already have a phone number all you have to do is to transfer your call to our you call secretary service phone number. If you do NOT have a phone number at all then we can issue a phone number for you. In that case the call secretary service contains function of Call Transfer / Outbound Call.

Reception System Solution

Company A ex. 1132 Company C ex. 1188 Company B ex. 1146 Tablet Reception system Individual Room IP Phone Company A ex. 1132 Company B ex. 1146 Co working space. Smartphone Company C ex. 1188 Virtual office user

We have a full package reception system. When visitors visit the shared facility, our reception application on Tablet can show alphabetic chart which leads to show individual company extension. Whether visitors or logistic companies need to make a call to room user (ip phone user) or co-working / virtual office user (smartphone user) we can connect extension to extensions. This full reception system solution allow you to manage facility without a receptionist.

IP service & Devices

IP service is exactly same as a normal business phone using internet instead of phone line. All the business scene required functionality are included such as transfer, hold, DND, group, IVR, VM and  so on. IP service function includes “Call Transfer / Outbound Call” function.

This service can be used with three devices with our IP device lineups

Wi-Fi & Wired Compatible Business IP Phone. This is BeQuality exclusive license product. This device is perfect for clients those who want to provide wired or Wi-Fi facility. It is commonly selected with property management companies that provide full Wi-Fi network infrastructure facilities.

SIP Terminal Adapter

This adapter converts analog phones into IP. Common usage for an adapter is to connect to the cordless phone for office or the design analog phone for reception.


One of major IP phone used for Japanese business scene. Description can be found at its maker’s site

Number Portability

If you already have your own number then we can move your number to our service. Commonly this is used for clients that are planning on moving offices but wish to keep their phone number. Once phone number is moved clients can pick one of our service to use with the number. We can only provide number portability service in regions where we issue phone numbers.

There are some conditions and regulations, please contact us with further information can your number be moved.

Cloud PBX CALL TRANSER / Outbound CallIP serviceInternet FaxCall Secretary Service Anywhere in a world! Office A Phone number Number Portability Tokyo/Chiba/Kawasaki/YokohamaSaitama/Nagoya/Osaka/050